Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Set of 6 cards and folder

Hey there! I hope everyone had a nice December and Holiday. We had very warm weather in upstate NY with no snow for Christmas. Very strange for our area but we have strange weather all the time so not really a surprise!
Today I want to share with you a set of cards I made with folder for them to go into. The project was inspired by this beautiful stamp I got from Club Scrap. Someone had one at a stamping retreat I went to and as soon as I got home I ordered one of my own! What's so awesome and interesting about this stamp is that you can cut it up and make a 3D design with it. I love that! I liked this folder design too - it has a place for envelopes on one side and the cards on the other. The folder isn't my own design - I found it on Pinterest and modified the measurements to fit my 3D cards,

Here's the outside of the folder with the stamp on the front. Each different color is cut separate and popped out a little with pop dots. You can cut any combination to make so many different designs!

I put the popped out design on a belly band around the folder to hold it closed. Underneath on the front of the folder I put a flat uncut stamped image. I used all Stampin Up papers for this in Whisper White, Basic Black, Pacific Point and Marina Mist.

Here's the inside of the folder with a place for envelopes on the left and 6 different cards on the right hand side.

This is all the same stamp just cut differently for the details on the inside. The possibilities are endless! I just love this concept.
I made 6 cards for this set all in the same color scheme. Some pop out (the middle part is popped out the most) and some sink in (the outside ring is popped out the most and the middle isn't popped at all.)  It's really hard to tell in the photo.

Here's the basic measurements for 6 regular cards and envelopes:
For the folder:
Cardstock 6" x 10 1/8"
Scored at 4 3/4" and 5 3/8"

To hold the envelopes:
Cardstock 2" x 7 1/4"
Scored at 1/2", 3/4", 6 1/2" and 6 5/8"
Fold on score lines and adhere vertically in the center of the left side of the folder.

To hold the cards:
Cardstock 3 3/4" x 6 1/2"
Scored at 1/2", 7/8", 5 5/8" and 6"
snip away the 4 little squares the scoring creates at 2 corners.
Fold on score lines and adhere on bottom half of the right side of the folder.
This will hold 6 cards.
Decorate as desired!

I've made a few of these for gifts and they were a huge success. I hope you try your own!
Have a great day!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Game in an Explosion Box

Hello again! It's been a very busy December! I've been making a lot of Christmas gifts for family and friends and wanted to share a couple of those today. I made games in explosion boxes for my niece and nephew who are 4 and 7 years old. I love making games and have made them in the past for my 2 older nieces.  I decided to keep these pretty simple since the kids are younger. I thought the explosion box design would work well for what I wanted to do.
I made the game "EEK!" for my nephew and "Oh Jolly Joy" for my niece.

Like a traditional explosion box you take the top off and the sides fall down. I made the box and top with chipboard instead of just cardstock to make it stronger and more durable.

                           I printed the instructions and glued it to the back of one of the pages.

The pages then fold out to make the game board.

I printed the verbiage for the spaces on my computer and then glued them to the spaces.

I made the spinner out of chipboard that I cut with a circle die on my Bigshot. Then I covered one side with cardstock and colored paper. I poked a hole in the center and inserted an eyelet. I cut the spinner arrow from a plastic cool whip lid and colored it with a sharpie marker. I attached it to the spinner base with a brad and loosely folded the times in the back so it would spin easily.

I used number stickers for the number spinner. I used foam pop dots to attach the spinner so it would sit up off the page to spin properly.

For the 2nd spinner I hand wrote the instructions as I didn't have stickers small enough. I tried to print them on my computer but I couldn't get it to work right. And this gives it that personal Aunt Pam touch anyway!

The 2nd game works basically the same but has 1 spinner and cards.
The pages fold out to create game board.

This game board is a different configuration and plays a little differently but was constructed in the same way.

                                                 This spinner was made the same way.

This game has cards as part of the game play. To make the cards I used rubber stamps from Stampin Up's Freaky Friends stamp set and some bug stamps I've had forever. Monsters and Bugs - perfect for a little boy!
The games were a lot of fun to make and I can't wait to give them to the kids for Christmas!
Thanks for checking out my projects today! Have a great day!