Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge

Hello friends! I've been busy again :) Just love this Club Scrap Paris Flea Market kit! This project is for the Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge.
 If you've come from Esther's blog then you're following right along.
The challenge was to use the paper lace mattes and/or white die cuts in new and unique ways. So...I made a Luminary, Reed Diffuser and Card Holder.


Reed Diffuser
Card Set Holder
For the Luminary you'll need:
1 Paper Lace Matte
papers and embellishments to decorate
Flameless candle
1/8" Scor-Tape
small glue dots
Start by cutting the acetate 6 1/2 x 10" and 6 1/2 x 4 1/8."
 Score the 10" piece on the long side at 3 1/4, 6 7/8."  On the short side score at 4 5/8."
Score the 4 1/8" piece on the short side at 1/4" from each side. On the long side score at 4 5/8."
Fold on the score lines. Use a bone folder to really fold them well. The acetate is stiff and you'll want a nice crisp fold. 
On the 4 1/8" piece cut away the parts on the 1/4" sides after the 4 5/8" score lines.
 On the 10" piece snip along the score line from the bottom edge up to the 4 5/8" score line. Place scor-tape on the edges and adhere the 4 1/8" piece making a box - as below.

 Put a piece of scor-tape on the bottom and close up the bottom of the box
Cut one of the paper lace mattes in half. Score at 3 1/4" and 6 7/8" and fold on score lines. Be careful with this part though as the paper lace is delicate. Cut the other piece  3 3/4 x 5 1/8" from the middle of the other half of the matte so it matches the other side.
Adhere with glue dots to the outside of the acetate box. I tried using my ATG gun and the lace is too didn't work out very well :(
Then just decorate however you want! :)
Now for the Reed Diffuser!
You'll need:
Paper Lace Mattes
Bamboo skewers
small buttons
thread or string-I used a few strands of embroidery thread
various sizes of flower punches
small vase
Essential oil/diffuser oil

First I cut a bunch of flowers from different parts of the paper matte. Some more solid and some on the lacy part for variety.

Then with my bone folder I curled up the edges of the petals a little.

Then I stacked a few of the flowers together and hand sewed them together with a button on the front. I did a few stitches, then sewed the flower to the skewer. I basically just wrapped it around and tied it a few times to make it solid.  I experimented with gluing the flowers together and to the skewer but the oil that scents the "reeds" affected the glue and it didn't stick anymore. Also I tried various kinds of ink pads to stamp or color the flowers and the oil made the colors run and bleed. Even Stazon didn't work very well. It's ok I like the plain white with the colored button and string anyway!
I cut some of the skewers a little shorter just so they looked nice in the vase. I found a bunch of small vases at my local Thrift Store that are perfect for this. I added some scented oil and done! They have jars of the diffuser oil at Walmart for like $2.00. Or you could make your own with some sweet almond oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
For the card holder you'll need:
1 paper lace matte
cardstock and embellishment to decorate
glue dots/adhesive
4 Cards and envelopes fit into the holder. It was perfect for my Club Scrap March Technique Masterboard cards!
Start with a whole lace matt and folded 2 opposite sides into the middle. I didn't have them quite meet...I folded at 2 3/8" from each side.
Then I folded up 4" from the bottom.

 Cut out the 2 small squares formed by the fold lines in the 2 bottom corners. I put pencil lines where the fold lines are so you can see them better.
 I also cut away the "lacy" part to the solid V part-just for bulk and ease of getting the cards and envelopes into the "envelope." The corners catch terribly on the lacy parts when you try to slide in the cards.
 Then fold up the triangle part and fold over the 2 sides. Adhere with glue dots.

Then decorate anyway you want! I kind of rounded the top part that wasn't connected to give it that folded open look. Then just decorated with other Paris Fleas Market papers and ribbon.
These paper mattes were so fun to play with!! I hope you get a chance to try them out!
Check out Hetty's blog to see what she did with them!
Have a great Day!


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