Friday, March 18, 2016

My beautiful new Studio!!!

Hello again! I'm so excited to share my new Studio today! We've been working on it for weeks and it's finally done! All my life I've wanted open airy dedicated space to CREATE...well now I finally have it! AAHHH it's perfect! And beautiful! and just...PERFECT :) My house is pretty small and only 2 bedrooms. But when you go up the stairs there was this open wasted space that I've used for different things over the years. I've always loved that space though because the ceiling is high and domed and there is a window at the top of the stairs that lets in really nice light. When I was married, my stepson had the 2nd bedroom and so my "studio" space was crammed into this space. After my divorce the 2nd bedroom became my studio but it was very small only about 8 x14'. Not nearly enough space with all the art/craft/sewing supplies I have!  I made the space at the top of the stairs a  little sitting area which was nice but I just didn't use it enough and my crafty/sewing supplies were always spilling out into it.
Here is a photo of my studio in the 2nd bedroom room. Cramped, dark, and cluttered! Everything was right close at hand though and that was great but I was quickly growing out of space!

Here's the other side, more of a hallway really. Narrow but brighter and open to the stairwell going down.

But I really just needed more space especially with making the Artist Team for Club Scrap and just doing more papercrafting in general. So...with the help of my honey-we took out the wall between those 2 spaces! Wow what a difference that made!

Work in progress photo...We had painted the room in a NASCAR theme for my stepson-thus the ceiling tiles. And you can see the scar across the ceiling where the wall was-that was a challenge to fix.
BUT after a lot of hard work and my man's skills with power tools and improvisation (this house has had it's issues!) we made this beautiful, wonderful amazing space!!!

AAHHHH I'm in love! I have literally waited my entire life to have a bright and airy and spacious studio...and here it is!!!

New floor, ceiling, workspace, lights and paint. Though I just matched the paint on the stairwell side...because I hate painting and have always loved that color anyway :)

Bright and airy! I just can't believe this gorgeous space was in my house this whole time! It just had to be discovered :)

And of course room for dogs! Piper :)
Zoe' :)
In the old space they were constantly in the way, I can't tell you how many times I almost ran over them in my chair!
They are very comfortable in the new space too! Poor Jack can't make it up the stairs anymore, he's just too old :(
I'm so much better organized too!  My new workspace is a hollow interior door supported by 2 drawer units and a cubby bookshelf! It's amazing what a few extra drawers and cubbies can do! Reorganizing was half the fun! The cubbies and drawers raised my workspace about 5 inches and my chairs were too low. I was sad I had to spend the money on a new chair when I have 2 perfectly good chairs already. While I was looking at chairs on Amazon I found replacement gas cylinders and some were taller! I bought one and it's perfect!! Raised up my chair to the height I needed. It worked perfectly...and for less than 1/4 of the price! Woo Hoo!
And now there's plenty of space for someone to join me! I've never had that either...I was always so cramped I could hardly fit in there by myself! I'm also excited to have room to put up my easel so I can paint without having to put away another project! Or sew, or Pysanky...aaaahhhh!!! so excited!!
I literally just stand here in this spot with this goofy grin on my face.
Thank you for checking out my little studio tour today! I promise you'll see a lot of awesome creations come out of this space!
Have a great day!


  1. I live it, so much storage and workspace, I am so happy for you, enjoy!

  2. WOW looks amazing!!! Jealous of your awesome new space!!

  3. Pam this is FANTASTIC!! Wish I could come over and play!! Love the pups too :)

  4. I looks very inviting! I hope you enjoy years of creativity in your new space. (And so glad there's room for your four-legged friends.)

  5. I would NEVER want to leave!

  6. What a transformation. I just love your new space. (This is inspiring for me, too, as my home crafting space is such an overwhelming mess, I still have to commandeer the kitchen table to do anything creative.)

  7. Wow! What a grand discovery and amazing transformation! So much better for your creative flow. And for grinning :)

    What a sweet honey you have! Taking out the wall opened up such a lot of space! I especially appreciate the way that you matched the ceiling tiles, and kept that lovely wall color.

    Is the screened-in gazebo seasonal work space next? ;)


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