Monday, April 25, 2016

April Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge-Earth Day Seed Paper Flowers ATCs

Hi there! Well Spring is finally here! The weather is warming up and we've had a ton of sunshine. My daffodils are blooming and tulips have been sprouting up. Perfect timing for the Club Scrap Dahlia kit! The Artist Team Challenge for this month was to make flowers and/or butterflies to add to our projects. Since Earth day was last week and it's Springtime I decided to make some seed paper and make flowers from that. A while ago a friend sent me an article on seed paper and I thought it was such a great idea. I just set the idea aside waiting for the right time and project-and here we are!
I made pink and white seed paper and hand colored some of the flowers.

I decorated with jeweled brads and buttons.
 I drew accents on the flowers with colored sharpie markers.

I was recently turned on to Artist Trading Cards and I love them! So fun! So I decided to make some Artist Trading Cards to give on Earth day to co-workers. This was a perfect little project for seed paper! The whole card can be planted or they can take off the single flowers and plant them.
In the Dahlia Deluxe Kit was a few pieces of this great white embossed paper with large flowers on it. I used Thalo Green Color Burst powder to color the whole sheet. Then I cut them up into 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" pieces as the base of the cards. Then I used my seed paper flowers and papers and embellishments from the kit to decorate each card.
I found this great poem online and put it on the back of each card.
The seed paper was very easy to make! I used various shades of pink paper and shredded them in my paper shredder to confetti size pieces for pink paper and shredded up white paper for another batch.

 Then I put them in my food processor with some water and blended them together. I ran it until the paper and water were thoroughly mixed and mushed up.
Then I added seeds. I got a bunch of packets at the dollar store for 6 for $1. I added 6 packets to each batch (1 pink and one white.)

I used an old screen I had laying around and placed it over my kitchen sink. Then I spread the paper pulp and seed mixture onto the screen. I pressed and spread it as thin as I could and squeezed out as much water as I could. I was having a hard time getting it thin enough and smooth enough as it was sticking to my hands too much.

So I tried using a small rolling pin to spread it out. It worked a little but the pulp kept sticking to the roller and rolling up on it-breaking the sheet I was trying to make.

I used a piece of plastic wrap and that worked great! I was able to roll it thin and flat and press out a lot of the water. I used my hands and spread and flattened it too. Between the 2 methods I was able to get it nice and even. I was careful not to spread it too thin as I didn't want it to be too fragile.
Here's the 2 sheets-you can really see the seeds in the white sheet. I left it overnight to dry. It wasn't completely dry the next day so I used a blow dryer to dry it completely. I'm not very patient and wanted to speed it along, I was excited make my flowers :)
Here's the 2 sheets of paper all dry and ready to make into flowers! Notice the color change, the pink got a lot lighter as it dried. I planned to use my paper punches to cut the flowers and that worked for a the smallest flowers but I had to hand cut the larger ones, the paper was a little too thick to get in the punch. I just traced a flower I punched from regular paper and then cut it out with scissors. I was able to use a die cut I had of a butterfly and that worked great. If I had flower die cuts I definitely would have used those.
This was a great challenge and I had a lot of fun making the paper and then the flowers.
Move on to Hetty's blog to see what she made! 
Have a great day!


  1. Pam how cool is this! Paper flowered that turn into real ones!! Love this idea, great job and so creative 😃

  2. Fun stuff! Love the idea of adding the flower seeds to the handmade paper. I so wanna try this. TFS

  3. Oh this is sooooo cool! Love it!!

  4. This would make a great art project for kids to give for Mother's Day (with a detachable flower to plant!). Thanks for sharing this fun project!

  5. Totally cool project, Pam and it looks awesome.
    Great colors and wonderful seedbags.

  6. What a fun project. We made paper, too, at the 2015 Club Scrap Retreat - CS might have some kits left. Also, you should join the ATC Swap that Lynn hosts every month on the CS forum. You'd love it!

  7. Gosh, seed paper is a great idea! I have my Grummer kit and these would be great for Mother's Day!

  8. OMG seriously awesome! Who would have know you can make flowers from seeds without dirt!

  9. Great idea and like Carolyn I may have to get my Grummer kit out also.

  10. What a super-clever idea! Great job on the hand-cut flowers, too.

  11. How super creative! I can't believe you made your own paper!

  12. Very creative and earth friendly. Love that you can plant the papers. Fabulous results!

  13. Wow! I bought one of those paper making kits and haven't used it yet. I think I must try this. Thanks for the inspiration!


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