Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Club Scrap Boardwalk Blog Hop!

Hi there! Summer! Yay! So happy :) Welcome to the Club Scrap Boardwalk Blog Hop! If you were just at Hetty's blog then you are in the right place! June's kit is so cute and perfect for summer! Great colors, great images and of course great papers!
I decided to make a toilet paper roll mini album.

 I wanted to make something different from the basic stand up TP roll book with 6 folders and tags that we've all seen before. So I designed a book with 12 TP rolls in a staggered, layered pattern.


For this project you will need:
Scor-tape/Book binding glue/other strong adhesive
12 toilet paper rolls
ribbon, twine, embellishments of your choice
Start by cutting the chipboard:
Cut 2 at 5 1/2" x 8" for the front and back covers
cut 1 at 1/2" x 8" for the spine 
For the outside cover-cut 2 pieces of cardstock 10" x 8" and adhere together on the 10" sides.
Adhere the chipboard like the above photo. Make sure to leave at least 1/8" space between the chipboard pieces. If you are using thick cardstock (like Club Scrap papers) leave a more. Cut the corners and fold over the edges to cover the chipboard.
For the inside cover cut 2 pieces of cardstock 6 1/2" x 7 3/4". Adhere to the inside covering the chipboard.
For the hinge system cut 3 pieces of cardstock:
1" x 7 1/2" score at 3/8" and 5/8"
1 1/2" x 7 1/2" score at 3/8" and 1 1/8"
2" x 7 1/2" score at 3/8" and 1 5/8"
Fold on score lines.
Turn each piece over and put Scor-tape on the flat part in the middle.
Strip off the backing off the tape and place the narrowest piece in the middle of the middle sized piece. Then place those 2 in the middle of the largest piece. it should look like the photo above.
Adhere the finished binding piece to the spine of the book.

Flatten and cover the TP rolls. If you've ever used TP rolls this way you know that all TP rolls are not the same size! Even the same brand in different sized rolls can have different sizes! For this project I wanted all different sizes to enhance the staggered & layered look I was looking for. I can't really give you cover dimensions because the rolls you use may be difference sizes. A good basic rule of thumb though is double the width and add an inch. So if the flattened roll is 2 1/2" wide you'll need a piece of paper 6" wide to cover it.
I wanted the placement of all the TP folders to be kind of random and staggered - that was going to be too hard to try to measure and plan. So I decided to just wing it! I put the folder where I wanted it and snipped the binding on either side of it.
I tapered the cuts so they would slide into the folder easily.
Then I snipped away the outside parts-leaving the piece the hold the folders.

I put Scor-tape on both sides.

Then I slid the folders onto the binding tab and pressed to make sure the tape adhered properly.

Repeat the same steps with the rest of the binding pieces and folders staggering them as you go in any pattern you choose. I just eyeballed where to put them so they were layered.

This worked really well and gave me that layered look I wanted.

Here's how it looks from the edge.
Then I cut pieces of cardstock as tags to fit in the folders. I varied the length of these so some stuck out further than others-to enhance that layered and staggered look.
  I decorated the tags with stamps, ribbons and embellishments from the Boardwalk kit leaving room for photos or journaling.
Your next stop on the Blog Hop is Tricia! Check out what she did with the Boardwalk kit!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Club Scrap June Artist Team Challenge-Hypno Special Edition Collection

Hello my friends! It's time again for the Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge! If you just visited Esther's blog you're following right along.
This month we were given some Hypno special edition collection papers and tasked with using them in our projects. (There are 3 versions available at Club Scrap.) These are text weight papers with a fun retro look and muted colors. I decided to make a Toilet Paper roll holder with Artist Trading Cards!.

I love TP roll albums! I love that you can take such an ordinary plain everyday thing and do such fun stuff with it!

Here's the other side. I decorated a few of the rolls with twine, die cuts and embellishments.

The backsides of all the cards.

When I 1st started paper crafting I was introduced to the TP mini albums and started saving the rolls. Then people heard I was saving them, and people at work would empty a roll and give it to me. Before I knew it I had a ton - a large bin full!

For this project I used 8 toilet paper rolls. If you've ever saved them and made TP albums you know that every brand and even different sizes of the same brand have different roll sizes! So find 8 all the same size. I discovered that standard Artist Trading Cards (2 1/2 X 3 1/2") fit perfectly in a lot of my rolls! So that was why I decided to go with ATC's and not just pull out tabs like I've done before.
The 1st thing to do is flatten your TP rolls. I usually use my bone folder on the edges so they hstay flat better. Then I coveredmy rolls with the Hypno papers. Since these are text weight they covered the rolls really nice. It's hard to give measurements here because of the size differences but generally if you double the width of your roll and add an inch you'll have plenty to wrap the roll. I used Scor-tape but you could use any strong adhesive. I put it around the edges and some in the middle to hold. I burnish the tape with my bone folder to make sure it sticks nicely. Especially with TP rolls and Kraft papers it lifts off when I pull off the backing tape if I haven't burnished well. Then I just wrapped the paper around the roll.
Hypno covered rolls! These are about 4 inches long so I knew my ATCs which are only 3 1/2" long would fall down inside too much.
 So I put Scor-tape inside at about the 1" mark to close up the bottom and to let the ATC's stick out a bit at the top so you can grab them and pull them out.

 I punched a hole in the bottom corner of each covered roll with my crop-a-dile and put them together with a 1" Chicago screw (that's what Amazon called them anyway. They are like those extension thingys for scrapbooks. I'm not a scrapbooker but those of you who are know what I'm taking about :))
I like my ATC's a little thicker so I glued 2 pieces of cardstock together. I used some paper that I got a long time ago at Joann Fabrics I think. The colors and patterns went well with the Hypno papers.

Then I decorated them using various stamps, inks, ribbons, jute twine and wooden embellishments I had in my stash. I cut pieces of the Hypno papers and added those as well.

So now onto the rest of the Blog Hop-up next is Hetty!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Club Scrap Challenge-Handmade Embellishments

Hello! This month's Club Scrap technique challenge is handmade embellishments. Design Team member Tina hosted and has some great ideas-check it out!  Here's my idea!

I decided to make hot glue embellishments. I saw the technique on Pinterest and thought I'd try it. One of my favorite fancy fold cards is the Inside Gate card.

I got these hot glue sticks at Wal-Mart for a few bucks.
I have some silicone molds I got on Amazon and from Stampin Up! I used for molded clay.

The process is very simple. Put the glue stick in the gun and squeeze into the silicone molds. Let them cool a bit and pop them out! That's it! Done!

Then I just glues them on the cards with glue dots.


I made enough to make a few cards! Love the gatefold cards!

Be sure to check out the other awesome homemade embellishments that other people have made for the Club Scrap Technique Challenge or better yet-make one of your own!

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Card Challenge-Cupcake Inspiration Challenge 363 w/ CS Boardwalk

Hi! What a great day to stay in and create today-it rained all day! I got my new Boardwalk kit from Club Scrap on Friday so I wasn't complaining! I made a card today for the Cupcake Inspiration Challenge 363.
 This is the Inspiration for the challenge. The colors and beach and ocean theme were perfect with the Boardwalk Collection for this month!

I made a triple Tier Slider card! So fun! I found a good tutorial on Caroline Evans Blog.
Boardwalk has some really fun summer papers and stamps-make sure to check back to see what I else I make this month with it!
Have a great day!