Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Club Scrap Lagoon Blog Hop and Linky Party

Hi there! I'm so glad you dropped by on your way along the Club Scrap Lagoon Blog Hop today! If you've just come from Tricia's blog, then you're hopping right along in order.
The Club Scrap kit for August is called Lagoon and it's pretty awesome! Mermaids! Sea horses! Bubbles! I decided to make underwater ATC's. And how do you make underwater ATC's? On a clear window sheet of course! If you're not familiar a window sheet is a thin sheet of plastic a little thicker than acetate and more rigid. I got mine on Amazon for like $10 for a package of 12" x 12" sheets. I made a clam shaped box for them to go in.

 Here's the back of the box.
Here's the instructions on how I made the box:
For the inside box that the cards sit in I used the basic box technique that Tricia used in the Jacob's Ladder Project. I cut my paper 5 3/4" x 6 3/4". Score at 3/4" and 1 1/2" all the way around. Then finish like in the video.
For the base that the clam shells get glued to I cut another color card stock 4" x 6 1/2" and score at 2 7/8" and 3 5/8." Folded on the score marks creating a little book.
For the clam shell pieces I cut 2 pieces of the patterned paper at 7" x ." This is where it gets a little tricky. I knew in my head what I wanted it to look like and just kind of winged it! I tried with a scrap piece of card stock and when I got the result I wanted I moved on to the good paper.

So here we go! Take one of the 7" x 5" pieces and turn it over to the plain side so you can see what you are doing better. I scored it at 3/4" on the short side and then turned and scored at 3 1/2" only to that 3/4" line as shown.

Then I scored roughly every 3/8" or so in a fan pattern to that point where my 1st 2 score lines met. I just eyeballed doesn't have to be perfect.

This is what it should look like all completed.

I hand cut some off the bottom and left maybe 1 1/2" in the middle.

Then I accordion folded on all the scorelines. It's starting to look like a clam shell!

Then I folded it in half and cut the corners off. 7"x 5" is bigger than you need-I started a little bigger to make sure I had enough to cut the right shape for the covers. I just kept trimming until I got the right size and shape. I just eyeballed it.

I used my needle tip applicator and put book binding glue on the mountain folds that would touch the cover.

Then I glued it down making sure to not flatten it too much. I wanted that 3d accordion look. I glued that little 1 1/2" flap to the outside spine of the "book." I repeated on the other side with the 2nd clam shell overlapping the pieces on the spine.

Then I glued the box to the onto the back with bookbinding glue.

Viola'! Clam Shell box!

The ATC's were a bit hard to photograph since they are clear!

I used sharpie markers to color on the unmounted rubber stamps then stamped them onto the plastic.  The colored on the other side with sharpies.

I used sparkly embossing powder on these 2 and very carefully heated it to melting. If you leave the heat on too long it warps the plastic.

The bubbles are the teal jewel stickers available with this kit.

The sentiments on the unmounted rubber stamps with this kit are soo cute!

The silver coins and mini glass bottles and tags are both from the Lagoon collection. I used 2 different colors of embossing powder on this one.

I stamped the outlines in black Staz-on and then colored in on the other side with sharpie markers. The blue background in the fish one was done with alcohol ink.

I stamped the mermaids on both sides to have them going in both directions.
 I love ATC's and had so much fun with these! The clear plastic was a fun alternative.

Now hop on over to Hetty's Blog to see her awesome Lagoon project! Don't forget to link your own project!

Have a great day!


  1. WOZERS, Pam!!! I wanna have that box, what a SUPER idea!! And those cards. Very very creative.

  2. What a great idea for a box - and very cool atcs too

  3. That shell box is absolutely adorable! I just love it. And the stuff inside? It is so neat!

  4. Super cute shell box! Love all the atcs too!

  5. (APPLAUSE!!!) WOW! You had me at the clam shell box and THEN the stuff inside! The clear ATC's are incredible, I wish I could handle them in "real life". GREAT project Pam!

  6. Now that's super duper creative! What great thinking! Well done! ...and great instructions too!

  7. A clam shell box?! How clever and absolutely adorable. Love love love the clear ATC's! Super impressed you were able to heat emboss without warping. That's talent.

  8. Wow, amazing, great, "dolphinately" unique! Thanks for sharing and the directions! I need more craft time....

  9. So very cool in every regard!!!

  10. That box is cuter than heck! And the ATC's are sooo creative, Job well done, Girlfriend!

  11. Pam your post just blew my mind!! Clear ATCs WOW!! Would have never thought of that! And this box, oh my word, just awesome! I am definitely going to make one of these shells!! Thanks for the how tos!

  12. OH MY GOSH!!!!How genious to create a Clam Box!!!I just love this!


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