Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Club Scrap Lagoon Mini Album

Hello my Friends! I can't believe it's almost September already! Wow, what a fast summer that was. When I was younger it seemed to last forever :( I had a pretty good summer this year though! My best friend went to Africa for a couple of weeks and her daughter Abbi stayed with me for awhile. We had such a good time! Man, I love that kid :) She loves a lot of the same things I do and we had a great time swimming and crafting and hanging out!
I recently saw an ad for a little printer that printed out little 2" x 3" photos and I had to have it!.  It's called the HP Sprocket and I thought it was so cool! There's no ink - the paper is magic like Polaroids. It's wireless and prints from my smartphone! And the paper is sticky backed! AAAHHH! 

And it comes in Red-my favorite color!! I got mine on Amazon.

Now I'm not really a scrap booker...I love making mini albums but I never put photos in them. I give them away for other people to fill. BUT I saw this little printer and got so excited! ATC size! Mini- albums! Cards! The possibility are endless!
The Club Scrap kit for August is called Lagoon and what a perfect summer kit. It inspired me to make a  a mini album. I used photos from my summer adventure with Abbi and from past summertime activities with her and her family.  And she loves mermaids! Perfect!!! I found a perfect little one sheet wonder mini album to make.
I found a great tutorial on how to make it on Pinterest.

The finished album  measures 4"x 5" all folded up. Perfect size for 2" x 3" photos!

It opens up once...

Then one more time.

Then the top flaps open up and 2 more pages fold down. Lots of room for photos and journaling. 

The right hand panel is a little pocket. I tucked in blank tags to journal on. With the Sprocket printer you can add words and images like in this photo. So fun!!!

Here's the back. 
This kit is so fun and was just perfect for my little mini album! It'll make a perfect little giftie for Abbi! I can't wait to give it to her :)

Have a great day!

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  1. PAM! This is soooooo cool! Mini printer, ONE SHEET WONDER album to fill...love this post!


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