Monday, February 1, 2021

Engraved LED Acrylic Lights

Hello craftie friends! Today I'm sharing some engraved LED Acrylic lights I made. I got a Chomas Creations Precision Engraving Tip for Christmas. That thing is awesome! It goes in the blade holder of my Brother Scan N Cut 2 and engraves designs into acrylic and metal. 
I bought the LED light bases and acrylic panels on Amazon. My Scan N Cut can only take materials 2mm thick or less. There are different acrylic pieces that are thicker so I just have to make sure to get the thinner ones. You can get many different shapes to engrave on.

I made nightlights for my boyfriend's grandkids, They came out so cute and the girls love them!

I cut on the backside so the rough side is to the back. They look better that way. Just remember to reverse the writing when engraving :)

The lights come with remotes and you can change the colors.

Ignore the reflections in the acrylic - these were very hard to photograph!

A gift for my niece - it looks awesome in her dorm room.

I put together a bunch of free images to make the designs.

I can't wait to try the Chomas Creations Engraving Tip on other things! I'll be sure to share!

Have a great day!


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